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Never Mind the Mess…

rosemary and jasmine
Lady in Flowers watercolor

Lady in Flowers watercolor

Spring is my favorite time of year. Here we are galloping quickly into summer but I’ll hang on to it as long as I can!

Especially after a very wet, blustery, long winter. Native Californians are spoiled!

Flowers are at their finest in spring.
Especially garden flowers; not coddled, maybe sunburned or frosted, never perfect, those are the best.



Roses in shiny cellophane from Costco or the grocery store, never have a hint of fragrance but a garden rose that is “blowing” it’s petals and making a big mess is at her most fragrant!


Peace Rose - a favorite

Peace Rose – a favorite


rose half rose Peace

Peace rose close up


And of course, jasmine and her heavenly fragrance is out of this world, especially at night. I have only glowing words for this fabulous vine but beware if you’re a neat freak. They will crawl here and there, as long as there’s a splash of water now and then, but I don’t mind.
Once you plant it, you are never rid of it! Nor do you want to be…

I spread them around the yard and when they are finished blooming, here comes the



Pink Jasmine

Pink Jasmine




lilac and rose

Wild California Lilac

These lilacs do not grow wild in my area, they are a mountain native, but they have a sweeter scent than any other lilac I’ve sniffed.
Just delightful….


English rose Tamara

Tamara English Rose by David Austin Roses

Tamara… This rose is another David Austin rose. I have lots of them and cannot recommend them highly enough.
They are just gorgeous!

Tamara is one of the best roses for drying because they have such a powerful scent and lots of lovely petals.



Tulips, not because I can grow them.

With my gophers, moles and voles, there’s absolutely no way!! These are from the florist but such beauties in pinks and orange!

Who can resist?


Eglantyne English rose

Eglantyne English rose-David Austin Roses


Autumn Sunset rose

Autumn Sunset rose

This is a few of mine. Do they ever die? I’ve had some for over 15 years. They are fine with pruning and food now and then unless a critter  “girdles” them.

Such a sad event! They strip the outer bark off all the way around, strangling the bush. Hence the term….

I’ve never saved anything that was girdled including my lovely crabapple.


"New Dawn" & morning glory

“New Dawn” climber [20′!] + morning glory

 It’s hard to kill roses here but it does happen. If farmer plants one but forgets to plant it in a chicken wire cage and also forgets to tell me he forgot.

I might as well say goodbye… to the rose bush not the farmer!


"Charlotte" austin rose

“Charlotte” English Rose-David Austin Roses

“To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,

One clover, and a bee,

And revery.”

~Emily Dickinson


©2017 All Rights Reserved. L.A.Scott

Blue Birds

Synesthesia Skies Over Horses Blue acrylic painting-©2015 LA Scott

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” ~Joseph Campbell


I did not finish the above painting but painted over it and painted Sophie Beagle instead. Below is a garden of flowers where she constantly patrols for marauding tiny rodents.

Sophie's Flowers acrylic painting


I’ve been pondering paths of health. What is it, how does it happen, how twisted is the path.  Always things change, shift, surprise, causing me to wake up in the noble act of being on the path.

Free in the moment, arising with the sun, it is setting without thinking where to go to bed…

roses and lavender

Mindfulness is both struggle and cure… Peace wavers in the silence between. Peace and health hold hands. It is a promise. Quiet, Joy, Gentle Breezes, Breathing, Water.
A loud jet flies overhead leaving white trails against the blue.
I sit and practice gazing at the sun. Continue Reading

old California license plate
garden flowers-sages

Here Comes Sage!

I’m finally on the mend, having gotten reasonably positive reassurance
I shall live to a much older old age!

And back online soon. I want to spend some time painting, given returning energies.


old California license plate

California Native

Wise words from Ms. Bette~
“Old age ain’t no place for sissies.”
Bette Davis

©2017 CountryWomanStudio by L.A. Scott – All rights reserved.

gouache+watercolor painting by l.a.scott
Gouache painting

Coyotes + Jack Rabbits


I wanted to say hello with a little diversion in gouache and watercolor whilst wading thru the ups and downs of illness. I’m definitely seeking a light at the end of the tunnel. I should say scope. I hope my doctor finds some anyway!


I am trying to accept some realities that I’d prefer to not need. To make my life easier(I’m told). It’s time for the “serious meds”. What fun!


I’ve spent a lot of this past year suffering with inflammatory bowel disease that has come out of remission. Boring I know. It has kept me from most everything I’d like to do and forced me to visit my gastroenterologist too many times! I am lucky as he’s been my GI doc for at least 25 years! He’s a good one and listens. Rare these days!


Best to focus on things that create joy… our new gardening project(s) 👩🏼‍🌾, painting LOOSE in acrylics finally.

That is getting me out of my mess‼️🎨

Go see! Robert Burridge!

Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about.
~ Rumi



And sitting in the sunshine, watching my roses come to life!

Courtyard Garden Roses

Double Delight floribunda rose in courtyard


I will share my paintings soon… have to put them together with a camera or remember my iPad can do that. Ah, technology.


Be well, friends… your health is worth your attention!