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Never Mind the Mess…

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Jack Rabbit Painting of Many Colors

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My Life, My Art, My Place in the Sun

Welcome to my blog about country living, growing grapes and gardens and the website for my paintings and photography. Since I’ve been blogging since 2008, I DO feel like I’ve shared a lot of my life with my kind readers via this medium.

A snippet from first blogger blog, you lucky duckies….


i have a few “issues” around men putting hands in my mouth. i doubt i’ve been more than twice since i walked out from my last bit of dental work in the 90’s! i do keep fastidious care of my teeth, not that that helped. they still would have failed eventually. but since i was on antibiotics for a BREAST infection –  yes, you heard right – i really cannot figure out how anything this painful could have flared up in my mouth, especially the roof of my mouth.
i had lots of fun with the fam all here. not really. tired cranky unable to eat pain and not exactly the most aware.
i’ve bored you enough for tonight. i’ve bored myself enough for tonight.
be well my lovelies… 06-23-?

Eglantyne English rose


I hope you enjoy strolling the fields of our ranch, picking and tasting grapes as they get black-purple, ripe and  juicy, picking wild blackberries before the cows or deer get them. Or raccoons, possoms, rats and mice, on ad infinitum

Blackberries + The Farmer

Blackberries + The Farmer

Imagine the luscious fragrance of my roses I’m lucky enough to grow here in the Sonoma Mountains. Most especially in the courtyard!
Of course, everything grows well in the courtyard!
ANY courtyard!

I am an artist, a painter, seeker + meditator, photographer, fair-weather gardener, writer +  poet, dog lover, grape grower, grandmother, sky-watcher and English rose lover.

And I try always to bury myself in color-filled palettes of paint.

gouache painting

Color is my muse and deepest well.

The paintings and photography you see on my site are not all for sale but what IS available I will make sure you know about. You will find all the details you need in the footer of the blog. I sell small original gouache paintings, artwork on board and photography of the land, the vineyard and the beauty that is all around us.

 Giclee prints are available.

Random Lucky Captures


I have learned one thing …
No thing ever stays the same.

My grand”babies”
No more!

children on big rock

yellow cow

I paint in order not to cry.
Paul Klee

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