Art Studio of a Country Woman

Painting My World with My Heart

Set against a background of her paintings and the Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, landscapes they depict, this short documentary is a portrait of the life and work of one of Canada’s foremost primitive painters, Maud Lewis. Emerging from her youth crippled with arthritis…


Painting by L’Adelaide Scott, Country Woman Studio. Dragons have always been a part of my inner world. This is a large watercolor done with large brushes, dripping paint and lots of violent throwing at the painting. She was birthed with no plan. Fun! Art therapy is effective.

Painting by L'Adelaide Scott, Country Woman Studio acrylic painting mixed media

I’ve been painting little paintings in acrylic for a few months. I have gotten hooked on Robert Burridge, a wild and crazy painter who probably eats color!! I shared him with you a few months  back.  I am making little paintings on gessoed watercolor paper. It’s a beautiful surface to paint! 

harvest-grapes flowing

I’m running around taking photos with my new toy. I finally broke down and got a “smart”phone that is very smart. She’s a hot red IPhone and quite nice, if I do say so myself. Which I will.

The best part is this… I stand by the tall oak over by the barn taking photos of the setting sun. I can hear an inevitable rustle amongst the dead, dry leaves. The varmint is just behind me gathering acorns, no doubt.

I realize I can zoom 10 times closer than he knows and sure enough, I spied him about 7 feet away. When I’d zoom, he’d go quiet and watch me with one eye my camera could find. He was a little doll.

Still brings a smile, these crazy critters that seem to follow me around! Could it be?

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” ~Joseph Campbell   I did not finish the above painting but painted over it and painted Sophie Beagle instead. Below is a garden of flowers where she constantly patrols for marauding tiny rodents.   I’ve been pondering paths of health. […]

gouache+watercolor painting by l.a.scott

  I wanted to say hello with a little diversion in gouache and watercolor whilst wading thru the ups and downs of illness. I’m definitely seeking a light at the end of the tunnel. I should say scope. I hope my doctor finds some anyway!   I am trying to accept some realities that I’d […]