Art Studio of a Country Woman

Painting My World with My Heart

harvest-grapes flowing

I’m running around taking photos with my new toy. I finally broke down and got a “smart”phone that is very smart. She’s a hot red IPhone and quite nice, if I do say so myself. Which I will.

The best part is this… I stand by the tall oak over by the barn taking photos of the setting sun. I can hear an inevitable rustle amongst the dead, dry leaves. The varmint is just behind me gathering acorns, no doubt.

I realize I can zoom 10 times closer than he knows and sure enough, I spied him about 7 feet away. When I’d zoom, he’d go quiet and watch me with one eye my camera could find. He was a little doll.

Still brings a smile, these crazy critters that seem to follow me around! Could it be?

deer sunset

If a real live buyer with wads of cash came along, maybe, but I cannot see it. A morning that looks like this is what I seek.

rosemary and jasmine

Spring is my favorite time of year. Here we are galloping quickly into summer but I’ll hang on to it as long as I can! Especially after a very wet, blustery, long winter where I live in usually sunny California.

Flowers are at their finest in spring. Especially garden flowers; not coddled, sunburned, frosted, never perfect, those are the best.

Mallard Duck with Babies

The vineyards wake up and it’s always too soon for a much needed break from the work to come to an end. Especially when the wet weather has kept us from getting any winter garden chores started…. Much less done!

May the coming year bring peace to those who still shiver in the snow and yearn only for a warm cup of soup. May shelters be there when they finally arrive to destinations held in the heart, after their long treks driven by fierce hope.