Country Woman Studio

Never Mind the Mess…

gouache+watercolor painting by l.a.scott

Capturing the Vineyard as it Wakes up in Late Winter. The buds are just beginning to swell. It’s looking like the vines have liked The Great Floods. You can hear them say, “I have missed you, Sun!”

Mallard Duck with Babies

The vineyards wake up and it’s always too soon for a much needed break from the work to come to an end. Especially when the wet weather has kept us from getting any winter garden chores started…. Much less done!

barn painting

When it is dark enough,
you can see the stars.
~ralph waldo emerson

One must find what drives the heart, where is one’s passion and once found, never let it go.

fawn at my back door- countrywomanpaints©

A reminder to stay awake, keep my eyes open. One never knows when Mother Nature will give you a large nudge.