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male bluebirds
Blue Birds

Blue Birds Chat


Blue bird nest box

Stuffed Blue Bird Box


As you can see, they’ve been busy. Again… !


They’ve laid a late winter clutch of eggs despite it’s crowded with the messy nests from the previous clutches.

Apparently mom and dad could care less they need to do a little housecleaning!
What happened to “nesting” prior to baby coming?

So already they are busy duplicating themselves. I’m embarrassed for them most of the year excepting cold, wet weather, when they are definitely less inclined for romance.
The weather’s been rather pleasant so… why not? It’s icy cold but no matter. I guess they keep themselves warm in that box.
And there’s more bluebirds everywhere.
Now that’s a lovely thing.

In order to make progress, there is only NATURE,
and the eye is turned through contact with her.
Paul Cezanne


When I first moved here 2 decades ago, there were none! Now it is rare to glance out a window that I don’t see at least one…Usually two! Later in the fountain, we might see half a dozen!


male bluebirds

The Boys


We must be doing something right! I hope the Bird Research Dept. from Sonoma State University sees this since it was they who first told me the Western Blue Birds had disappeared from the Sonoma Mountains. I decided to try to do something about that…
{I have western blue bird nest boxes all over the place… they REALLY work!}

Next I want to try owl boxes!


Screech Owl


Tho they have a perfectly good barn, they are very territorial and so there aren’t many in it. And there aren’t many barns anymore. We could use more owls on the ranch to help control rodents. And I love that lovely haunting sound only owls can make as they call to each other.

Ah, I digress… Often!



A Girl



birds eye view from meal worm feeder + nest


Enjoy the day as these blue birds do, a moment at a time ~
Being in each moment as it comes to you.
And I shall do the same~

blue bird babes


three birds on wire

two blues, one fat dove on a wire 🙂



We live in a rainbow of chaos. Paul Cezanne



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4 thoughts on “Blue Birds Everywhere! No Housecleaning, Such Slobs, These Birds~

  1. They are so beautiful. I never lived anywhere that had actual bluebirds! Blue jays, sure! So glad you get their joy. Good luck with the owls!

    1. L'Adelaide says:

      Hi Spidee….. it is fun to see them and, here, they stay. No migrating but then again why should they? It’s HOME! I still feel guilty I’m not feeding mealies anymore but they got soooo fat, they could only squeeze into their home. Haha, funny birds! xxx

      As for my great owl idea, their box needs to be up a 20′ pole so not sure about that yet. I’m working on farmer! 😊

  2. susancrow says:

    Ah yes! Such wonderful bluebirds are rare for me too. I’ve never seen a live one so it’s great to be able to see them here. Isn’t it a shame that so many barns have disappeared? They were a everywhere in my childhood.. especially the ones the cows came home to just over the hill from our house.

    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Hello my dear with apologies for absence here. Health issues are laying me low. 😮 yes on vanishing barns. They are falling over in the fields if not knocked over to make way for something else. Yes, I miss many things of late… sigh…

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