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Golden Eagles Flight

Golden Eagle Joy

I have been enjoying summer’s serene dawn moments. The eagles’ flight is one of those moments.

The golden eagles nest high in the eucalyptus grove each year. They return to the same nest year after year to raise their young and do not migrate in winter. Their one nest now must be 8 feet across. This is their second brood this season to take flight.

Given all the loud squawking, this is a parent with child. They are vociferous with their young and the tone seems reprimanding most of the time. No wonder… those kids fly… Fast!

Eagle+Mongolian hunter

Golden Eagle with Mongolian hunter, a tradition going back to Ghenghis Khan

0 thoughts on “Eagles Play

  1. susancrow says:

    That is one incredibly magnificent photograph, my friend. Thank you and thanks to Creation and all the dakinis who care for the world.

    I hope you will be feeling better again soon after all the activity of the past few weeks.

    1. susan, this blog, well, these blogS are taking lots of time-good time, i am enjoying myself since there’s not much else to do this weekend but rest for me…doc says i have a torn rotator cuff…blah blah…i said i will not be having surgery so figure something else out…acupuncture and tordal *sp?*/mag drips for a few weeks as well as sling. and no lifting, reaching, working, LIFTING….i am just laying in bed with my laptop or ipad online….trying to get the watercolor candy template to go the way i want and also sorting through vulture’s old posts and deciding to trash or not…. thanks for liking my birds, aren’t they wonderful….you would love to hear their chatters and squawk. indeed, they are like the dakinis & kali watches over us all……XXXX

      1. susancrow says:

        I have a feeling it can’t be a complete tear or you wouldn’t be using your arm at all but from what I know of big tears (> than an inch) the only permanent treatment that will bring back your normal function is to have a surgical repair or maybe prolotherapy if your doctor recommends it. Toradol as the NSAID does have some potentially nasty side effects.

        We used to see eagles quite often when we lived in Portland. I remember the first time being staggered by just how big they are but I don’t think I ever heard one squawk.

        Your sites are both looking lovely. I really do like the new painting Pink Bones in Yellow Sun and Blue Sky – what a perfectly appropriate title 🙂 Yes, I’m sure your grandchildren had a wonderful time painting like real artists. Nice. You’re such a sweet lady.

        1. hi darlin’… i am sure there’s eagles in portland all the way up north to alaska… no baldies that i know of here but further east..

          i am glad to read this about the tear…my doc said the same basic thing…that if it’s not killing me with the pain, and it only hurts when i move WRONG! if no badly torn and might be tendonitis but i’ve had that and it’s not this… it’s OK but still, it’s always in a sling because otherwise… so am doing this for about 6 weeks…toradol for about 3 weeks via drip so less tough on me and acupuncture. . he also does the prolotherapy but i remember enough about it to be scared of it…. i have to check into that again. it came up about my hip. maybe i’ll do it for both at the same time…i am literally falling apart here and so emotionally, not so good either but hanging in OK.

          my grandkids…i do so miss them but every time i look at the travel to go see them i know there’s no way i can… being trapped in their home, getting their via plane or car, sitting for endless hours, waiting, airports otherwise..NO… omg, there’s no way so i feel like they may as well be in tx for how close they are… and the whole ut cultural thing-lack better word here-is off-putting too… sigh, can’t win this game of life, is my thought. obviously mood could be better tonight.

          the kids loved making the art…sadly i did send all the little canvi home with them…but their new house will be so much nicer with them hanging there. xoxoxox

  2. Ron says:

    Hello dear Linda!

    Just wanted to pop by and say Hi, and to also say…..FAAAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS photo!

    OMG…it’s STUNNING!

    *two thumbs up*

    Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful weekend. It’s soooooooo hot here, I could die! My brother and I are headed down to Miami for the afternoon, but I doubt we’ll be able to get out of the car to do a lot of sight seeing because the humidity is ungodly. I think we’ll have some lunch, take a few photos, and then head back home.

    ((((( Linda )))))


    1. hi ron…hoping you aren’t cooking down there but it’s summer in florida so…..

      thanks for liking my photo…it was a surprise and not at all deliberate. i was taking the hills in the dawn light and there they were when i uploaded them to my computer! YAY! 😉 when are you coming home … might as well stay there, at least there’s the beach there and it’s Miami! cool… xoxox

  3. Steve E says:

    Looks like no shortage of eagles…reminders.

    Linda, I LOVE the color–you are a “color girl”!
    Why do some posts have no ‘comment’ area?
    I know–always seems like I’m complaining–grin!

    I’ll keep looking. STILL do NOT like
    wordpress–never did. You should have your OWN
    Webpages, a .com or .net even a .us???
    Love ya anyways, babe!

  4. Mel says:

    What a gorgeous photo. And since I adore when ‘the boys are back in town’, I love the subjects–surprise or not.
    We’ve got two eagles’ nests in this vicinity–so they’re hanging around in this 100+ degree heat. Probably why I’ve not seen the mature one overhead for days now…..the poor things…..

    There’s something commanding about an eagles presence, powerful and silencing for me. Both very good things, given my personality. 😉
    I can sit for hours and watch them work the river, excited when they grace me with their closeness and always, always awestruck with their magnificence.

    Oh, I do hope you’re on the mend. He-who-obeys-when-he-feels-like-it had rotor cuff surgery and it’s healed nicely–to the point where his range of movement is darn near normal, truth be told. But we caught it early in the deal and the surgeon did an excellent job following him even after the surgery. He hated the immobilizer and sling, but today he’d tell you it was worth the inconveniences.
    I’ll hope for good results for you.
    And for more healing…….cuz it sounds like you continue to have a tough go of it.
    That visit must have healed some of that heart stuff–you’re back into colours and paints and STUFF…….which is very, very nice to see (in many ways—).

    1. hi mel,
      apologies at the lateness of this but the body is not cooperating.

      i detest hot weather so feel for you-hoping it’s cooler there now? silencing? nah! you know, the idea of sitting by a river watching eagles is so meditative-sounding, it’s a dream of mine only switch river to ocean. i could move but… technicalities…

      my shoulder is doing better with acupuncture and mag IV’s a few times a month. i swear by holistic medicine so would have to be dying to have another surgery. i’ve had 10 already! xxx

  5. gfid says:

    gasp! what a gorgeous shot!

    i haven’t been in the neighborhood much lately…. i’ve missed you, and your beautiful images. life just takes over and sends me sailing off somewhere, like a kite with a broken string….. but this one’s not going to crash.

    take good care of yourself. healing is hard work.

    1. hi there! 🙂
      glad you did make to my new neighborhood tho i know, it can be a bore traveling these parts with the road blocks and all. i am glad you are sailing without the broken string. or with one but sure you won’t crash!! i agree–healing is very hard work but am trying very hard. not sure the “very hard” is working but alas, it’s what i’m doing for now! you take care too. xxx