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A little update

I am not feeling well and will be undergoing medical tests over the next few months. Thus I have closed my shopify store in favor of an Etsy store. The link lives at the top of this page amongst other places. 😉 Etsy allows me to ship anywhere in the world for a minimal amount.

These paintings are on sale!
Thank you and many blessings.


I just finished this little coastal landscape!


HEADLANDS AT SUNSET gouache on paper-painting

“HEADLANDS AT SUNSET” 3×8 landscape, gouache+watercolor on fine art Arches paper [Name won’t be on your painting]

The photos I put up on my sites are low resolution to protect my work from theft. Very high resolution on any close up details. Please enquire if interested.


Gouache painting by l.adelaide scott

Possums! Lots of them!

gouache painting animals by l.adelaide scott

close up painting

gouache painting animals by l.adelaide scott


Landscape painting with animals in gouache

Pink Sheep + Spotted Donkey Picnicking in the Moonlight


gouache painting by l.adelaide scott

up close


gouache painting by l.adelaide scott


painting abstract landscape

Abstract Vineyard Landscape 8″sq. gouache on paper by L’Adelaide Scott 2016 [NFS]

This landscape is my vineyard as I see it in the fall.

I am painting quite a pile of landscapes lately, most in “Landscape” format, 5″x11″ —

Posting them soon.

Thank you for your interest…. 🙂


Cow painting by l.adelaide scott

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