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gouache+watercolor painting by l.a.scott
Gouache painting

Coyotes + Jack Rabbits


I wanted to say hello with a little diversion in gouache and watercolor whilst wading thru the ups and downs of illness. I’m definitely seeking a light at the end of the tunnel. I should say scope. I hope my doctor finds some anyway!


I am trying to accept some realities that I’d prefer to not need. To make my life easier(I’m told). It’s time for the “serious meds”. What fun!


I’ve spent a lot of this past year suffering with inflammatory bowel disease that has come out of remission. Boring I know. It has kept me from most everything I’d like to do and forced me to visit my gastroenterologist too many times! I am lucky as he’s been my GI doc for at least 25 years! He’s a good one and listens. Rare these days!


Best to focus on things that create joy… our new gardening project(s) 👩🏼‍🌾, painting LOOSE in acrylics finally.

That is getting me out of my mess‼️🎨

Go see! Robert Burridge!

Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about.
~ Rumi



And sitting in the sunshine, watching my roses come to life!

Courtyard Garden Roses

Double Delight floribunda rose in courtyard


I will share my paintings soon… have to put them together with a camera or remember my iPad can do that. Ah, technology.


Be well, friends… your health is worth your attention!

5 thoughts on “Playing IN Paint

  1. Joss says:

    Your rose picture is exquisite amiga. Sending you a gentle hug and healing energy

    1. L'Adelaide says:

      Thanks sweet joss! They’re just beginning here, a little late but great big ones with such big rains! Much ❤️ to you.

  2. susancrow says:

    Your painting of the racing creatures is very cool with the rabbits being my favourites! I’m sure you see a number of them scooting around on a regular basis. Nothing like a good mess, eh? I quite enjoyed the Robert Burridge video too. Unfortunately, I have no acrylics or I’d try it myself – with the understanding his kind of retrieving a painting from such chaos requires a lot of skill.

    I do hope you get through the hospital procedures smoothly and I also send you very best wishes on your soon to be birthday. May the family visit bring you much cheer.

    Love and OOOOOs!

    1. L'Adelaide says:

      Thanks, sweet Susan. They’re fun to paint but I have a vivid imagination, listening to them each night. Ummm, that gets old but I would miss it too! Ah yes, I certainly do see many tho so far this spring, they haven’t been around… no worries, I just don’t see them in the tall grass. 🙃🐰

      Yeah, acrylics are also a real mess… I paint standing up. It is fun tho and very unlike wc because you just cover up what you don’t like! I like that! 😁 he is very skillful but since I’m not doing much right now, I’ve enjoyed his crazy ability!

      1. L'Adelaide says:

        Well I wasn’t done yet and it went…. thanks for the bday wishes and good energy around the upcoming fun. I will be fine.. the prep is better now, not 2 gal. Of green antifreeze!! xxxxx

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