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Never Mind the Mess…

Mallard Duck with Babies

The vineyards wake up and it’s always too soon for a much needed break from the work to come to an end. Especially when the wet weather has kept us from getting any winter garden chores started…. Much less done!

spring oranges

veggies in ice
We hear of so many supposed rain storms that are approaching our area of parched California, we hardly pay attention now. I guess a good gully washer would be “News” if it were to actually happen but nothing of the sort has happened since fall 2014. It is another blog post but I don’t know where to begin to tell my story here on the ranch…


What can we do but keep on breathing in and out, modest and willing, and in our places? ~Mary Oliver

jersey heifers

Yep, it’s raining! And it’s supposed to keep raining for a couple of days more. While not going crazy over what we cannot change, it is quite nice to see gray, wetness. Until it’s not so nice anymore… inevitable as well. My roses are all mixed up about what time it is. Time to sleep […]

drought+cowsDrought and cows…