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4 thoughts on “Watercolor Wednesday

  1. Mel says:

    Okay….THIS is way awesome. I had to magnify it and look from a distance ( damn bifocals)…which led to he-who-is-nosy asking “what’s that”, which led to me bragging about your birdie water colour, which led me to telling Mr. Nosy Butt about the synesthesia, which led to showing off a few more paintings which THEN led to showing off your puppy and Mr. Nosy Butt concluding you’re a really cool person.
    Coulda SWORE I’d already TOLD him that(cuz I had!). Mr. Nosy Butt doesn’t retain information well….age, dontchaknow(yup…told him that, too!!). ROFL

    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Thank you, sweet Mel, I’m glad both you and “he who Nosy Butt” 😉 … liked the painting. It’s far from done but i am pretty happy with it as far as that goes. i am never happy with my work so go figure. i did like the ghostly quality tho. i’m trying to hold back on the saturated color, and it’s damned hard!

      i don’t retain stuff much either so go figure… thinking i’m not that old but not that young and keep dumping in the supps. xox

  2. susancrow says:

    They’re just the kind of shadowy yet magnificent creatures I’d imagine you see in a celestial dreamscape. Beautiful.

    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Me TOO!! How cool is that?! Not quite sure I am in love with them yet but they do have some potential. Trying hard to paint with a lighter palette and touch. Damned hard as I adore color. These horses were a nice pay-off… thus far. 😉


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