Collage of a Heart Mending 

"Heart Mending" Acrylic Painting by L'Adelaide Scott-Country-Woman-Studio

This is another little experiment in acrylic collage on gessoed watercolor paper. Hearts have been a theme for several of these paintings.  Following the disastrous fires in this area, the heartbreak in my hometown is palpable everywhere you turn. From the burned skeletons of homes and businesses, trees and vineyards, to the miles upon miles of black hills, stretching east as far as one can see.
This seems a fitting piece to show today after seeing the incredible destruction of theses terrible fires.

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Kite Hearts

Painting by L'Adelaide Scott, Country Woman Studio acrylic painting mixed media

I’ve been painting little paintings in acrylic for a few months. I have gotten hooked on Robert Burridge, a wild and crazy painter who probably eats color!! I shared him with you a few months  back.  I am making little paintings on gessoed watercolor paper. It’s a beautiful surface to paint! 

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Sunset on Farm Pond during Harvest

harvest-grapes flowing

I’m running around taking photos with my new toy. I finally broke down and got a “smart”phone that is very smart. She’s a hot red IPhone and quite nice, if I do say so myself. Which I will.

The best part is this… I stand by the tall oak over by the barn taking photos of the setting sun. I can hear an inevitable rustle amongst the dead, dry leaves. The varmint is just behind me gathering acorns, no doubt.

I realize I can zoom 10 times closer than he knows and sure enough, I spied him about 7 feet away. When I’d zoom, he’d go quiet and watch me with one eye my camera could find. He was a little doll.

Still brings a smile, these crazy critters that seem to follow me around! Could it be?

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Spring Roses + Flowers

rosemary and jasmine

Spring is my favorite time of year. Here we are galloping quickly into summer but I’ll hang on to it as long as I can! Especially after a very wet, blustery, long winter where I live in usually sunny California.

Flowers are at their finest in spring. Especially garden flowers; not coddled, sunburned, frosted, never perfect, those are the best.

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