harvest-grapes flowing



Sunset on Farm Pond during Harvest

I’m running around taking photos with my new toy. I finally broke down and got a “smart”phone that is very smart. She’s a hot red IPhone and quite nice, if I do say so myself. Which I will.

The best part is this… I stand by the tall oak over by the barn taking photos of the setting sun. I can hear an inevitable rustle amongst the dead, dry leaves. The varmint is just behind me gathering acorns, no doubt.

I realize I can zoom 10 times closer than he knows and sure enough, I spied him about 7 feet away. When I’d zoom, he’d go quiet and watch me with one eye my camera could find. He was a little doll.

Still brings a smile, these crazy critters that seem to follow me around! Could it be?

Sonoma County, California
rosemary and jasmine



Spring Roses + Flowers

Spring is my favorite time of year. Here we are galloping quickly into summer but I’ll hang on to it as long as I can! Especially after a very wet, blustery, long winter where I live in usually sunny California.

Flowers are at their finest in spring. Especially garden flowers; not coddled, sunburned, frosted, never perfect, those are the best.