Art Farm of a Country Woman

Painting My World with My Heart~

An inspiring human being… I can hardly believe she’s 80 years young!   Rainbow Buddhas, watercolor+watercolor pencil by las “All the really good ideas I ever had came to me while I was milking a cow.” Grant Wood ©2007-2016 by L’Adelaide-CountryWomanPaints. All rights reserved.

“Moon Woman Message” watercolor and pencil-11″x15″ Seems I’ve been gone awhile. Words no longer stream from my brain. The details are distractions. This small drawing illustrates “Every body falls apart” If you think not, you are disarmed by deceptive thinking. You will not last forever in that skin bag you might hold so dear. Next […]

jersey heifers

Yep, it’s raining! And it’s supposed to keep raining for a couple of days more. While not going crazy over what we cannot change, it is quite nice to see gray, wetness. Until it’s not so nice anymore… inevitable as well. My roses are all mixed up about what time it is. Time to sleep […]