Art Farm of a Country Woman

Painting My World with My Heart~

watercolor, 15x20

I see this body beautiful. With years comes small awareness An inner sight with love. Each year a reminder time stops for no one. Another day to remember I am impermanent. This skin embraces my soul…

van gogh sunflowers

Who doesn’t love sunflowers? Is it a love born in our youth as we pondered their giant presence looming over a backyard fence or as we dug those buried seed pods out of bed… They are one of the best of summer yet perhaps old-fashioned to some who don’t remember sun bonnets or rope swings […]

rose vavoom-

Leonard_CohenA small gift to you who’ve read my words, who’ve shared heart, mind and spirit, who’ve often been the candle’s glow through a long night. The wind would howl beyond as my mind fought against a great darkness within. It has all been a quiet gift of soul for one who needed more than she realized. Thank you for sharing this year with me.