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About Me

 A wayward artist, synesthete and seeker. It is a long way home. Wayward meditator, watcher, writer, poet, photographer, fair-weather gardener, writer, grape grower, sky-watcher and English rose lover. Must have dog.

Eglantyne English rose

My head and heart dwell both in the earth and in the sky.
I am a dakini spotted with paint, buried in hues of many colors on my palette and my mind.


My mind was a magic space long before I tread my solitary rocky road.

Always a healing place but ONLY if willing to turn over stones.
I gather the gifts of fallen feathers and lost bones.


lost home

I am and am not. I do but don’t. I always will and never.
I am a contrarian by nature.

I know no other way to be in my world nor would I change many things…
Perhaps I will dabble in clay. Learn the potter’s ways. Return to my studio…
Once on the beach with crones, many decades past, I massaged the cold clay into a living, warm mass.
I learned much and very little.
So often the way.

I made a skull from the clay, with a hole I slowly carved from one side to other. A hole in the head I didn’t see at the time.
Organic, my mark-making held meanings, polished with stones.
Now vanished along my wandering way, returned to the earth again.

Color and nature are my muse, power source, my deepest well.
Without Mother Nature, I sink into despair. The cool, clean air keeps me alive in the literal sense. There is so little of it at times. Her kaleidoscope world I am blessed to see, in darkness and light, and without that, my brain is a small burning lump of misconnected, buzzing synapses.

Everyday I remind myself, that connection will not last and be changed to another.
Open the mind.
Do not close the heart.

“Art is nothing but the expression of our dream; the more we surrender to it the closer we get to the inner truth of things, our dream-life, the true life that scorns questions and does not see them. ”

Franz Marc




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