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Painting My World with My Heart~


img001_2 Abstract_Landscape

Vineyard Landscapes
Original Gouache Watercolor painting, 8″ square on Arches £140 Watercolor Paper
©2016 by L’Adelaide Scott

img001+landscape painting

Opening December 1, 2016!



[shopify embed_type=”product” shop=”” product_handle=”stag-deer-blue-bird-take-a-walk-together” show=”all”]

The Stag + Blue Bird link will take you to my store on Shopify. There (when I get it open)-((for some reason I’m awaiting the designer because it’s a holiday?!)) you will find my new gouache paintings, MUCH smaller than I’ve ever attempted, as well as landscapes and (maybe)farmer’s fine art photography(eventually.)

In all this learning curve, I discovered, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I actually could put a button right here on this site and not have bothered with the rest.( I’ve wasted more hours, days, YEARS of my life doing stuff I know I can’t do but think I can do.)

Live and learn they say. In my case, I’m learning and I’m still alive… Imagine how many more… Oh never mind.

Using my blog I’ve slaved over seems a fine place to offer my little paintings via Shopify’s S E C U R E  ecommerce platform rather than two (or more) sites. Long silly story short, you can shop here or there (or everywhere?) for more info than you might need. And shipping will be free. I just haven’t figured out where or what box to enter all that into yet. Like I have something called “inventory”? Who do they think I am, a factory?!

 I like my little blog here and miss my readers and occasional commentators. I agree… I’ve not been the best of visitors lately but hoping to change that soon. I am reading just don’t have much time and/or energy to comment!

And this kind of stuff keeps happening~


At 545AM my entire site went off. Just like that. The white screen of death. Dreaded Error 500! I had no access to anything, especially no dashboard. I tried to get help from WP support. Joking? Then BlueHost, who wisely were still sleeping. I was so upset as I watched page after page disappear.

When 946 emails started pouring into my old email address, I broke down and got the farmer to call BlueHost for me. I was too hysterical. After HOURS, Jeffrey had it fixed in about 45 seconds.

I am glad they’re so damned efficient but maybe this stuff could be made simpler or at least a book or 5 to read up on it. That’d make life easier and nobody  has to get hurt.

Or what about “Hey, how about we don’t crash in the first place!”

Some of my baby paintings-8″square. I love squares…

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