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Painting My World with My Heart~

"Heart Mending" Acrylic Painting by L'Adelaide Scott-Country-Woman-Studio

mixed media art of heart

This is another little experiment in acrylic collage on gessoed watercolor paper. Hearts have been a theme for several of these paintings.  Following the disastrous fires in this area, the heartbreak in my hometown is palpable everywhere you turn. From the burned skeletons of homes and businesses, trees and vineyards, to the miles upon miles of black hills, stretching east as far as one can see.
This seems a fitting piece to show today after seeing the incredible destruction of these terrible fires.

I just returned home from an appointment north of Santa Rosa.
This is my first trip north thru this part of the fire-ravaged areas. The immensity of blackened, scarred acreage goes on and on. Hillsides upon which many made their homes, now burned out shells of what they once were. I kept thinking about our own ranch and how so easily this could have been us.

I feel sickened to see such destruction with many unanswered questions still lingering. Most importantly, there are still many people, missing and yet to be found.
I pray that soon the missing will be found alive and well, the animals will be reunited with their families, the rains will come and the seedlings will quickly sprout, covering the blackened earth with a carpet of green. orchard in green pastures

walnut trees in another season

May these quiet hills bring peace
To the souls of those who are seeking.
~Sada Coe

9 thoughts on “Collage of a Heart Mending 

  1. Heart-rending description.

    1. L'Adelaide says:

      Hi Sarah! Thanks. It is a terrible catastrophe for those who’ve lost everything & some were asleep as it was in wee hours of morning. They ran for their lives and just the thought of that is horrific. How are you doing? Feeling any better? I hope so… xxx

    2. L'Adelaide says:

      Thank you, Sarah… Hoping you are well. I’ve not been online again… always the health issues! xox

  2. I am very happy that your family and land have escaped. Indeed a fiersome thing….wildfires. Be well.❤️

    1. L'Adelaide says:

      Hi again Gretchen,
      So nice to see you again, if even thru a screen. Yes we are very lucky and very grateful. I don’t think I’ve ever had to get so in touch with being “attached” to things. Awful time… Hoping you are enjoying the better air quality. I cannot wait for fall! xox

  3. smilecalm says:

    bowing to your sweet prayer for those injured & displaced.

    1. L'Adelaide says:

      Thank you. It’s so lovely in air quality and all others that nightmare is behind us! 💙

  4. susancrow says:

    I’m so very sorry for what happened there. You know I’m relieved you and your home were spared.

    1. L'Adelaide says:

      Oh my dear Susan, you know I realize you care deeply. And I do so appreciate it. So many are far worse off than we are. We are just bruised and tired, still sweeping up and wiping off the mess. At least we have each other, as always, and we have our ranch including our home and vineyards and we have our dogs and our one little rescue kitty. Things have gone just tragically for so many hundreds if not more. The deaths of many are still not figured into the final tallies because they cannot find them. Some of the stories are gruesome but when faced with terror, human beings do almost anything to survive.

      I think the saddest story I heard culminated last night. It was north of here about 100 miles. There have been so many fires in the past month, I now cannot recall if this one was linked to the ones here or in Lake county. A family of 4, parents and two young teens were caught in the fire as it snuck up on them in the middle of the night, just like it did to so many. They decided to make a run for it. All 4 of them fled at once but they got separated. People who are so frightened are going to have a hard time keeping it together and likely didn’t realize you cannot outrun a fire like these wildfires were traveling. The 14 yr old boy died there in the flames- a horrific thought. The daughter of 17 died a couple of days ago from her injuries after being on life-support. There was no hope. The two parents are still in critical condtion in DIFFERENT hospitals, hanging on by threads of I have no idea what. So very sad…. I cannot imagine how broken they are feeling in every possible way after such a catastrophe they never saw coming… I’m sorry, I hope that wasn’t too heavy. Every morning I listen to the latest news on the fires, the different areas still smoldering. I think one becomes a bit less sensitive with time…

      much love to you xoxoxo

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