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mixed media painting moon woman

Color Piggy

acrylic painting

“Borderline” by l’adelaide skjodt

I doubt I could paint like I do without a condition called


What’s that?
Might you have it?

Synesthesia is the crossing of two of more sense perceptions in the brain, creating an overlapping experience of them both at the same time.

watercolor+mixed media


“Red Landscape” watercolor & gouache on 300£ Arches Cold, 16X27″

When I paint, I am using my sense of taste to guide my choice of paint color.
This is because I HAVE TO!
I have been doing this for as long as I can remember.



My watercolor palette


moon woman

Moon Woman, mixed media on board, 10″sq.


My Early Years with Crayons + Teachers


As a kindergartener, I remember being offered a red crayon to color my santa claus cut-out.
But it was the WRONG red, making me feel ill!

Needless to say, my santa did not come out very pretty in my eyes nor was Ms. Teacher too happy with me when I threw up in her classroom!

I vomited often when first in school as a little girl!

To this day I have never learned to like that particular shade of “Christmas red” and most of my Christmas decorating(if any…) is in blue and silver.
It would have been more convenient if I were Jewish I suppose…


watercolor painting Vineyard Deer

“Vineyard Deer”, watercolor pencil drawing in my journal


Often if I am thinking about painting, I taste before I SEE the color. I am not sure of the exact intellectual process like do I see it at the same time. It is too subconscious as far as I know.

This is probably why art teachers have always had fits trying to teach me their way of making art!
I consider myself self~taught.


mixed media-ascension of 3


Being Different


Until recent years I did not know what synesthesia was nor that what I had
(I didn’t have anything as far as I knew), had a name!
I never realized I was “different” this way.
I was even more surprised that research was being done on this extraordinary, neurological perception.

I am particularly happy to see there are more studies being done with children as children seem innately synesthetic and some scientists now believe we are all synesthetes to one degree or another.

Now that I have grandchildren and know synesthesia can be genetic, I am paying attention. I know at least one shares my synesthesia with me! {and my sweatshirt..} He is also the most sensitive, allergic and prone to emotional displays of amazing proportion. He is also unassumingly charming with that bright red hair and turquoise eyes.

There are a few colors that do not have a pleasurable “taste” to me. The main one I detest is brown. I do not like brown! ANY form of brown ~ black-brown, red-brown, green-brown, yellow-brown…
The second is many shades of true green. If it’s to the blue or the yellow shade, I am much happier to use it. Turquoise, veridian and lime, no olive. Horrors.
Strangely when I paint, there MUST ALWAYS be a touch of limey green!


example-failed painting*brown:green

Example of a very failed painting… <–and color! Ugh 

watercolor two trees #1




Painting this way means I rarely plan a painting.
Even if I try, I end up flying by the tip of my tongue, so to speak.
I cannot stay to my script if my life depended on it and my plans generally go quickly awry if a shade goes off one way or the other.

Working in watercolors is a particular challenge because, while I crave intense hue, that can create mud quickly.
And mud is usually brown tasting, with a disgusting shade to me.
“Two Trees” was almost lost to the mud…



Wind Horses, acrylic on clay, 12″



watercolor angel


Sometimes I turn to acrylic and splatter, drip, pour and/or smear on waiting canvas smeared with glazes or thick wet watercolor paper. Often I mix the paint and pour freely, tilting and turning to let the paints mingle as they will.

watercolor pour-color stream


acrylic painting

All is a color~drenched alchemy~
a watery underworld journey that continually tantalizes.


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  1. Thank you so much for you ‘follow’. I am honored and delighted (does it means that some of my painting does not taste so bad?). I’ll be a happy follower also (seems that we click ‘Follow’ on each other’s side at the same time) 🙂 Keep in touch. Best wishes. Yelena

    1. heehee, i cannot use my weirdness on other’s work! i know brown isn’t a fave however but otherwise…. i wander around in the world reacting to everything that has color so it’s a bit difficult to be selective. X

  2. Steve E says:

    Shhhh! I’m watching this rerun of the races
    from inside the track…since the horses are
    going at it from right to left. LOVE this painting!

    Synesthesia? Yesss, I have that disease.
    Someone once asked me, “Steve, do you admit
    you are insane?” And so, to prove it, I shouted out,

    1. k, whats/who’s racing? oh horses? synesthesia…i am not sure what to say dear steve except yes too. 🙂 and it’s not a disease, it’s just what they tell

  3. rlte says:

    Love your colorful painting just above the beautiful dog. Beautiful colors. I see a horse in the painting.Good job. RLTE

    1. hi silvia and thank you for your sweet comment, as always. they are much appreciated!! and it is a HERD of horses. 🙂 take care and have a happy holiday. xx

  4. Miche says:

    Hi Linda
    Thank you for linking to my blog I can’t believe the amazing things that I’ve learnt from visiting this blog: synesthesia and paintings! (They are so lovely.) Can you tell me, if I can taste smells, most especially chemicals, would that be considered synesthesia? My poetry teacher said I have it, after I remarked that I could taste someones perfume.


    1. hi miche,
      thanks for stopping by and your kind comment. yes, I think it sounds like it. whenever any sense is perceived by another, it would be, I think. interesting isnt it? 🙂

  5. kmtreat says:

    What kinds of paints are you able to use with MCS?

  6. miche123 says:

    The Reality Blog Awards

    Hi Linda!

    Because of the essence of true beauty that your blog brings into the world, I’ve nominated it for the Reality Blog Award, and guess what you have one!
    The rules that accompany this award:
    • show appreciation of the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post;
    • add the award logo to your blog;
    • share 7 things about yourself;
    • nominate 5 – 10 or more bloggers you admire;
    • contact your chosen bloggers to let them know.

    Visit here to collect your award and read what I wrote about you and your awesome contributions to our world:


    1. thank you for your thoughtfulness, michelina. i humbly accept this award. i cannot promise to keep to the stipulations however as lately, have not been well enough to spend time online. i have also accepted this award 3 other times and so, if i were to add MORE about myself, readers would likely run screaming!!!!

      i WILL post that you gave it to me with your blog’s link asap. and thank you again. xox

  7. 1EarthUnited says:

    Linda, what a fascinating gift you have! I look forward to feeling more of your words and art, it seems Bella has the same gift… judging by her tongue! LOL. Wishing you a joyous holiday season! 😀

    1. hi 1earthunited and thank you for leaving me your comment. i apologize i didn’t catch up til now…haha, her tongue is a large part of her entire FACE! Have a happy new year.

  8. lahgitana says:

    had to share: I became aware as a teenager that I hear odors! not sure if that will ever apply to my art, but sometimes I am amused when I slam my hands over my ears and say, Ooo, that smells bad!

    1. Welcome lahgitana,
      Wonderful name….and I so hear you on that. We do weird things in synesthesia and in my language, i will catch myself saying things like ” I hate the color brown, that smells terrible!!!” 🙂

      1. lahgitana says:

        Oh I love that I’m in such good company!

  9. Linda, The colours in these paintings are amazing – so vibrant! Clearly there are benefits in being able to taste colour.

    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      thanks so much for your kind comment… i guess so, i don’t think about it as it’s just the way life is for me. 🙂 sometimes there’s some pretty yucky colors out there in real life!!


  10. Pink Saucer says:

    beautiful paintings! 🙂 Especially the first one

  11. I like the idea of initially smearing acrylic paints on a blank canvas. This type of “doodling” often results in my seeing an idea/theme come into view. Then I’ll settle down from there. Love your courage with colors. Peace.

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