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Painting My World with My Heart~

Synesthesia Skies Over Horses Blue acrylic painting-©2015 LA Scott

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” ~Joseph Campbell


I did not finish the above painting but painted over it and painted Sophie Beagle instead. Below is a garden of flowers where she constantly patrols for marauding tiny rodents.

Sophie's Flowers acrylic painting


I’ve been pondering paths of health. What is it, how does it happen, how twisted is the path.  Always things change, shift, surprise, causing me to wake up in the noble act of being on the path.

Free in the moment, arising with the sun, it is setting without thinking where to go to bed…

roses and lavender

Mindfulness is both struggle and cure… Peace wavers in the silence between. Peace and health hold hands. It is a promise. Quiet, Joy, Gentle Breezes, Breathing, Water.
A loud jet flies overhead leaving white trails against the blue.
I sit and practice gazing at the sun.


Clouds on the horizon, blur sky’s vastness.
Shadows cast less long across fields, windows, grass and walls…


Summer is coming.


acrylic painting horses


It is a constant(like my blue horses), even when obscured by fog banks or clouds. Our energies are as constant as all this and more. We are it’s essence– Without Mind, it would not exist.


When I stop thinking, simply be… The wind blows softly as bees farm lavender and sage.
As they always have.
This gentle wisdom is treasured for it’s constancy.
I can never leave here for my lavenders and sage need me.
The precious honey bees, hummers, butterflies and bumbles never doubt.

bee and lavender

13 thoughts on “ Horses, Blue and Pink, Sit in the Sun of My Mind

  1. The Campbell quote is a strong one, and the delicate image with the fading horses pairs well with the quote. Sometimes only the artist creator knows what layers are beneath a finished work, but every layer, every step is important.

    1. L'Adelaide says:

      Good evening Lisa. Thanks so much for you lovely comment. I’m wondering if Campbell ever makes anything but strong statements! Ha! I’m glad you appreciated the quote with my painting that is no more. Now my little beagle is peaking thru those flowers. I will post it someday… Be well!

  2. susancrow says:

    Your paintings are always such beautiful reminders of Nature’s depth.
    I hope the warmth of early summer blesses your days.

    1. L'Adelaide says:

      Hello sweet Susan… Thank you for your always thoughtful and kind remarks here. I have been so remiss in visiting my favorite blogs. I hope you are patient with me. I loved your last post but haven’t had the energy to get around much yet and that includes emailing. Though I am feeling better and seems I’m 1 in a million in the chances my IBD is cured. No sign anywhere of it and believe me. They looked! I’ve had it for 40 years!! Wow, what a relief to have that “behind” me tho I’m still baffled at the departure of my UC. Not going to look a gift in the mouth tho… I am now trying to rebuild my strength after a very long year of laying on my rear. 🙂

      And I hope spring’s warmth and light are making their way up in your neck of the woods. xoxxo

      1. Oh wow! I suffered with UC for decades as well. It is a horrible, life-derailing disease. So few people understand how horrendous and debilitating it is. XOXO

        1. L'Adelaide says:

          It is hell. They tell me I am cured… not in remission but cured! Thus, despite decades of being told otherwise, it IS possible! Blessings of health.

           “I honor health as the first muse.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

          1. Wow. Cured? How?

            1. L'Adelaide says:

              I don’t have an answer for you. I’ve been battling the illness since the 80’s. In a nutshell, I’d attribute integrative docs, one especially brilliant, lots of supplements and dietary changes-read:losses 🙁 except helped me get better), meditation practice and ridding my life of toxic people, going gluten free 10 years ago, upon finding out I was gluten sensitive by using the stool test, not the blood test. And paint paint paint and saying no no no a LOT! Please email me if you’d like a more focussed list and I’ll fill you in. Need to give it a lot of thought. xxx

              1. Thank you! I will be in touch.

  3. susancrow says:

    Hello again, sweet Linda
    It’s totally wonderful news to hear you’ve been cured of that terrible illness. I think I’ve told you I worked for GI doc some years ago so I understand the suffering patients go through. You are indeed very lucky.
    Not to worry about not visiting much – I’m just glad to know you’re okay and, hopefully, enjoying good weather. Yes, all here is green or flowering now so all is well.

    1. L'Adelaide says:

      Thanks my dear. I am very fortunate and it was certainly not what i saw coming! But i’ll take it. 🙂

      I hope to get around to my fave blogs more over the next month tho really am feeling a pull to my studio. There’s always email. 😉

  4. Your word artistry is as gorgeous as your paintings. You are a treasure. 🦋

    1. L'Adelaide says:

      As are you, my dear.

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