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gouache painting

pink sheep and spotted donkey picnicking in the moonlight


I have discovered more than once in my life that money is not my passion. Making money is not my passion. Learning HOW to make money is not my passion. In fact I hardly care about money at all. I shall admit money is not something I worry about too much of the time. For better or worse… In fact,  I avoid having anything to do with it! It is more out of habit than any other peculiar trait. I refuse to let money run my life. Sometimes, because of what we do to make a living, we are fine with our income and sometimes we are broke. I don’t like being paid once a year since we can rarely make it all the way thru to the next check… Could anyone? But that’s the way it is and has been for decades.

As my readers know by now, we are growers of grapes, cows, pastures, too many undone chores to count, veggies, broken pipes or something else and very unkempt gardens… I swear like a sailor. There ARE worse things! In other words, we are self-sustaining, self-employed, without pensions or benefits, hardly retired tho it might be nice to consider, ranchers(the term my cowboy husband prefers.) We are currently looking for cattle, never cars, a good restaurant meal in the restaurant capital of California, or our next vacation. I may be a tad worried about our health insurance costs but that’s political – not interested much in politics either – but I will save that for another middle-of-the-night ramble…


Scottish Highland Cow that didn’t come home

A Farmers’ Life

Being farmers, keepers of this land we own, we (farmer most especially) are always busy with something or other. Barn roofs, wandering cows and broken fences, grapes and the men. Right now the rains have made life interesting. We have no fear of flooding up here at 1ooo feet but certainly it is so wet, one can barely walk without ski poles and careful steps in high boots!

At last count we had over 10″ of rain and quite grateful for the slushy fields. The land is soaked and water has nowhere to go quickly. Slowly it sinks in, replenishing the groundwater and hopefully impacts the water table far below. 12 years of drought is enough!

petaluma river

Petaluma River Receding


The grapes are beginning to stir and I sigh with trepidation due to environmental illness(MCS) and mast cell activation disorder(MCAD). Meaning – I worry about our air quality. [For now I will leave out another hot potato issue around these parts. Refineries.]

We must use sulphur as the grapes begin to emerge from their sleep and begin to go into their bloom cycle. It is just another annoying little fact of life when you farm grapes. Pinot is a touchy but easy grape that likes everything to be just so and yet flourishes in flavor anyway. Quite good up here in “the Gap”. We also grow chardonnay and it too MUST get it’s doses regularly.


winter vineyard

grapes in winter

Art Making

I turn to my art-making…. my SMALL messes and little animals I’m currently enamored with. I wanted to paint smaller-no SMALL feat. Small enough to fit through my new Epson scanner. I didn’t want another contraption to learn, like photography, to get a good enough print with high pixel counts. But I had always painted on watercolor paper that measured 22×30. I might rip it in half but rarely smaller.

Lately I spend more time in my bedroom than my studio and wanted to sit at my little blue table and paint by the French door window leading out back to the oak trees where ancient rainbow oak lives. (a 36″+ square canvas done in acrylics… Never again!)

acrylic painting-oak tree

Ancient Rainbow Oak

I injured my knee from another stupid fall last year and my studio is a climb upstairs I didn’t want to make unless necessary. So I began to work at my little bedroom table and found it rather different and charmingly simple to get out of bed and there I was. And there IT was, spread out just as I had left it, a few steps away. Since our saltillo floors are heated passively with hot water or the sun–it isn’t cold nor too hot. I could spend the day painting and never leave the room! {well, almost… } And my work became completely different than anything I had previously done with water and paint!


watercolor + watercolor pencil painting-coyote under blue moon

Lonesome Coyote – watercolor, gouache and watercolor pencil. Diminutive cutie at 8″ square.


It is now 3AM and enough of this ramble. Whether I feel like it or not, I need to get into my bed instead of this little “daybed” I am currently on because I needed to plug in my laptop with only a minute to spare before I lost all my words! Long story short I’ve been missing for awhile, mostly painting. Marketing being what it is, I can’t seem to bother with it thus perhaps will someday join ArtTrails or some such instead. Find a little gallery in town…. Like most sensible painters, my head is not made for numbers as much as it is made for color in every shade imaginable.


Owl of Many Colored Feathers

Looking back you realize that a very special person passed briefly through your life…and it was you.

It is not too late to find that person again.

robert brault

9 thoughts on “I am painting…painting…

  1. Joss says:

    Always your colors thrill me. No one else can create your art, only you. As a writer, I too struggle with being involved with the money, the marketing, blah, blah, blah. So I am lucky to live where I do and be to be able to hire someone to do that for me.

    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Joss, you are so sweet to say that. I do try to keep my own vision no matter what or who might wonder why. And they do… 😉
      Yes you are lucky to not have to do the marketing. I think I am about to know when to say when myself and find another way. Like maybe a small gallery nearby… I detest what I am now doing with selling(or NOT) and it does affect my art-making desires. That’s rather defeating the purpose!

      Hoping you are doing well. It’s so nice to see you here again. I’m glad I happened upon you on FB! xxx

      1. Joss says:

        this being true to ourself, to our art, is always a dance, isn’t it?
        Glad to connect on FB. Getting ready to launch a new blog TODAY! Woo hoo.

        1. L'Adelaide says:

          Congrats to you. You deserve all good things. I hope your new blog is fun for you. I’m about to change to a different template because the designer’s didn’t keep up mine and now it’s floundering. Sigh… always something ‘somedays’. 🙂

          1. Joss says:

            And then you for sure will need to walk away from your screen. Like me today.

  2. susancrow says:

    After having read about the recent storms and flooding out there I happened to come across an article in the Smithsonian you might find interesting. I’d never heard of California’s megaflood of 1861-62 before – and perhaps it will be news to you as well.. maybe the farmer (oops, rancher) already knows. I liked the part about the Native Americans moving uphill a week before it all began.

    I’m glad to know you’re painting and I think it’s a good idea for you to show your work in a more public forum.

    Much love

    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Hi dear Susan,
      I do recall being told something about these floods years ago by relatives. My family on both sides have been here for many generations, many of them living near the Russian, Feather and other northern CA rivers. But reading this article was really interesting. And I would deduce we are perhaps about to go into another cycle. We had gorgeous weather today, brilliant sun, clear blue skies but it’s supposed to once again rain by middle of next week. And it is another one of the rivers, as they call them. That was a new term to me til just before this last bunch of storms came thru. Interesting since it may mean our drought worries are over, fingers crossed.

      I liked that the native peoples knew when to get the hell out of the way too and bet nobody much paid attention to them.

      Yes, I am enjoying painting smaller now that I’ve gotten used to it. Far less energy, materials and I can paint on a small table in the bedroom, which is very nice. My studio is not only upstairs but freezing cold. And i don’t want to use electric heat to heat the space. It’s pretty large at 24′ square. We need to figure something out about that cause it’s really pricey to heat that room.

      I do have serious reservations about selling online. I don’t think it works well and to be honest, I never buy art online for myself so…. I think I will likely close the site excepting keep the sell buttons on my blog for $9 a month. For now anyway… I’ll see. I do definitely think it impacts my ability to express my feelings thru my painting if I’m thinking about selling it. HATE IT!

      Glad your weather is pretty good so far. Betting it’s a little colder today tho, given what I’m seeing in the news.

  3. That’s good that you’ve been painting. But sorry about the injury.

    1. L'Adelaide says:

      Hi Cynthia. Yes, have had a problem with falling the past few years. Painting, creating, is important to me. Seratonin for my crazy brain! 😊

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