The expression of joy through nature’s gifts + splashed color make meaning in my small world.

painting wildlife

My work is emotive, expressionist, coming from my deepest heart. Decades of country living, a lifetime of health challenges, shape my crooked path. One like me must learn early to use intuition and live my true self. Exit from behind the shadows.

I walk my own path in a beautiful place in Sonoma County, CA. Nature holds my hand, lending support. She is the warm place to land, a source of security and self-knowledge.

One morning ~ tiny footprints in a muddy creek bank at dawn. An offering from some small creature coming for her morning drink. Deeply touching to me, so small and perfect, forever etched in wet, clay soil. Even smaller ones surround her footprints. Baby prints as perfect as her own.

Nature is the Source of my work.

I Paint because I Must Paint….