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    1. thank you dear man xo … i am a spring baby but once they start showing up, i beg husband bring them home to me. i call them my birthday tulips because that’s when my obsession began. not a bad one, but they have to be this color. i am a spoiled brat in case you haven’t figured it out. anyone who stays married to me … well, you know.

  1. I just discovered tulips. I bought a Christmas box of them at my drugstore one day. On a whim. I’ve spent days watching them open and close with the light and the temperature. I smile at my childlike interest in them now … the common tulip of my childhood. Pink is my favorite flower color. I must find pint tulips. I love this portrait of you. You are transformed on you blog now from the pretty ‘lady’ gardener into something of the sophisticate. I am fascinated by the transformation. 🙂 The many faces of Linda.

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