The accoutrements of mark maker


My living model of the below painting.


Ancient Rainbow Oak – 36″ acrylic canvas


My Life, My Art, My Place in the Sun

Welcome to my blog about country living, growing grapes and gardens and the website for my paintings and photography. Since I’ve been blogging since 2008, I DO feel like I’ve shared a lot of my life with my kind readers via this medium.

Art Studio
My Tree House Art Studio



Jack Rabbit Painting of Many Colors
Jack Rabbits Picnic


A snippet from that first blogger blog, you lucky duckies….


Many Vultures Roost for Sunning

I started a blog as a platform to speak of that which meant most to me. The suffering of those with a mental disorder. An illness. Or illnesses.  Suffering. A way to bring together the suffering and the creative impulse into a whole being and try to say I know what it’s like~

Look! I am the mumbling person on the bench you won’t sit beside, shooing your children away, I am the person you shy away from, the one who talks to herself. The one who cries in the grocery check out line. She is real because I am. She lives inside us all. A momentary shift and the mind comes apart. Sometimes never to heal but to manage. To survive and yes, even thrive. And believe me, it is a gift.

Today, there she sits, right beside your impressions clouded by your prejudice and fear. You are blinded by ignorance. Fear. She is a creative and playful human being with loves and hates and desires and miseries, with complexities just like yours.

You and she are not so very different from each other. It is my hope, my intention, that someday this world some are forced to brave each day with a broken heart and a bottle of pills, grows up and sees. We ARE all one… And we are all frail and vulnerable and strong and fierce. After all, we are all human.





Eglantyne English rose

I hope you enjoy strolling the fields of our ranch, picking and tasting grapes as they get black-purple, ripe and  juicy, picking wild blackberries before the cows or deer get them.
Or raccoons, possoms, rats and mice, on ad infinitum


Blackberries + The Farmer
Blackberries + The Farmer + Cobbler PLEASE??

Imagine the luscious fragrance of my roses I’m lucky enough to grow here in the Sonoma Mountains. Most especially in the courtyard!
Of course, everything grows well in the courtyard!
ANY courtyard!


bedside roses all summer into fall… heaven


I am an artist, a painter, seeker + meditator, photographer, fair-weather gardener, writer +  poet, dog lover, grape grower, grandmother, sky-watcher and English rose lover. I am insanely preoccupied with whatever is awaiting me in my studio!

I try always to bury myself in color-filled palettes of paint.
I truly believe we are all artists and never should it be forgotten.



Color is my muse and deepest well.

The paintings and photography on my site are not all for sale but what IS available I will make sure you know about. I have small original gouache paintings, watercolors, landscapes in watercolor and gouache(my passion), artwork on board and photography of the land, the vineyard and the beauty that is my home.

 Giclee prints are available.


If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.
~Vincent van Gogh



Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about.
~ Rumi