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· The Earth is like a child that knows poems ~ ·

Mar, 28, 2021

Does not everybody love spring? It is my favorite season. The earth grows greener, glistening in the early morning sunrise. Every small being comes to life, hatches, scurries about, begins the gathering, the birthing and raising, the leaves unfurl and sparkle… The air is cold but with the promise of warmth in the yellow sunshine. Clouds are whitest and float in a cerulean sky.

Calla lily - countrywomanpaints
Calla lily

People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of…

Paulo Coelho
wild natives

Spring has returned.  The Earth is like a child that knows poems. 

 Rainer Maria Rilke

Calla lily
Calla lily in wild garden

garden flowers-sages
Here Comes Sage!


is the cruelest month, breeding

Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing

Memory and desire, stirring

Dull roots with spring rain.

& food for thought

The Boys of Summer

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,
One clover, and a bee,
And revery.

Emily Dickinson
mixed media heart


  1. Mary


    So beautiful Linda – we woke yesterday morning to an ice storm and the place is still closed down. AND they are predicting 4″ of snow early tomorrow morning and then on Friday as well. This isn’t anything like TX weather that I can remember – I’m afraid all my daffodil buds are dripping with ice, not sure they can recover. So to open your blog and see these beautiful photographs was a welcomed gift. Have a lovely week ahead.

    • ─ŻAdelaide


      Thank you kindly Mary… I’m glad you found a respite from the freezing weather if only for a short time. How strange for Texas. My son lived in Austin for school and I don’t remember it ever being that cold tho I felt the weather was still rather dreary and hot. Not like I’m used to here with the sea close by. And terrible traffic… I’m glad they’ve moved on now. ­čśë

      I do remember the glorious wildflowers, the bluebonnets!! Spectacular!! Hoping they will be coming on soon! xox and apologies I am running a bit behind here with comments.

      • Mary


        By now we are in shorts and trimming the hedges and enjoying the flowering trees, but not this year. We had quite the snow and ice storm over the weekend, right now it’s 37 – tomorrow it will be 71 and on Wednesday our high will be 35 w/lows at 25-27. If this isn’t strange or what. I think with the moisture we are going to have a spectacular wildflower showing in the fields across the State – will be worth it. And, hopefully our lakes and reservoirs will benefit too. Have a wonderful week ahead.

        • ─ŻAdelaide


          That’s an extreme temp. gap! Thankfully if snow, the lakes will be topped or at least abundant … Ca. Has had no snow pack for 4 years now… That means a severe drought yet there seems to be such complacency for our environment now, nobody takes much notice unless they need water for farming. Then they fight over water rights vs. fish! Ah well, politics… I’m happy the Wildflowers are on their way! xx

  2. Gretchen Del Rio


    Beautiful sunny flowers

    • ─ŻAdelaide


      Thanks Gretchen… I’m glad you enjoyed and would bet you’re area is glorious about now! xo

  3. Mel


    At least, as a Midwesterner, I’m accustomed to a deluge of snow, ice and subzero weather. Oh those poor folks who physically aren’t prepared for winter’s last hurrah. Well, we hope it’s the last. Yes, snow on the way here. Just four to six inches…amounts we are accustomed to. Reason to watch expectantly with “Mr. Snowman in a bucket” ready for playing purposes. No worries, snowman snow or not, I’ll STILL do my snowangel and think of you!
    And look forward to calalilly days!
    (Thanks for the sneak-peek!)

    • ─ŻAdelaide


      Yes, you’ve certainly experienced your share of terrible weather. There’s lots to blog about I guess… I keep wondering if it’s appropriate to post such lovely flowers coming on here but I’ve gone and done it now so…. ­čśë

      Enjoy your snow play, something that sounds a wee bit chilly to me but then, I’m a wuss! xox

  4. susancrow


    She is spectacular. Thank you, my friend for another wondrous picture of springtime.

    • ─ŻAdelaide


      I think of you each time I capture something I know you miss living in the northern hinterlands! ­čÖé i hope the pavement has reappeared and you are once again free to roam the parks and beaches. That is probably expecting too much so early tho…. I

      ‘m sending you wishes of sunshine on the top of your head when you walk about. xox

  5. violetski


    Hi dear Linda,
    It’s long time I haven’t been around and just now open readers and found your beautiful flowersÔŁĄ´ŞĆ
    Here is still cold but your beautiful post brought little spring for me­čśś­čśś­čśś

    • ─ŻAdelaide


      It is so nice to see you again, sweet Violet. I have wondered how you’ve been and hope all is well in your life. I’m glad you enjoy my offerings of what I’m finding in my walks around the place. I live in a special place and I enjoy sharing it with readers like you who enjoy my offerings.

      Happy spring to come, Violet. It is just around the corner! xox

  6. loujen haxm'Yor


    It’s great seeing the plants flowering. Can’t wait to see our orchid tree in full bloom. Really like the Dickinson verse.

    • L'Adelaide


      An orchid tree?! WOW! Gotta post the Dickinson words! ­čÖé Happy spring to you and thanks for stopping by. Not many do anymore since I’m a lazy blogger.

  7. Mother Wintermoon


    Hope you are well. Beautiful photos and energy. ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ

    • L'Adelaide


      As I said on your blog, you were a light in my small world today. Thanks for stopping in… I haven’t been here in awhile myself! Hoping to spend more time with your gorgeous writings. xx

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