Art Farm of a Country Woman

Painting My World with My Heart~

watercolor, 15x20

I see this body beautiful.
With years comes small awareness
An inner sight with love.

Each year a reminder
time stops for no one.
Another day to remember I am impermanent.

This skin embraces my soul…

watercolor and pencil drawing-country woman paints

Moon Bones

Strong yet fragile
blue veins bely an invisibility.
She is transparent yet solid, a mysterious force.
Energy yin and yang.

I am pain. It kisses my bones.
Movements, my sleeping silent self.
My mind is other than this aching.

She lives within my art.
My blood the paint
A soft bleeding of energies
To channel her light into mine.

Absorbent energy flows
Moving beside whilst beyond and behind.
Pain is my shadow.
She,mine; I, hers.
Accept her, her beauty,
Her dark, unknowable side.
She is the every move.
She glides in silence, honors the journey.

Like the moon, I know she lingers here and places I cannot visit.
When she appears behind the mists I am reflected within.

 If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain.
~Emily Dickinson


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