Dragon Protectress

Dragon by L’Adelaide Scott ©2013
22×30 Arches WC paper, cold-pressed

Let there be dragons…

She is one of many, a family of dragons.
She is the first to become a painting & now hangs in my living room.

I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life… and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.”

Georgia O’Keeffe

Post Author: L'Adelaide

a seeker, painter, photographer, artist, dabbler, writer and fragrant rose lover, my mind a magic space long before i tread my rocky path. always a healing place if willing to turn over stones and carry home the eagle feathers that fall in my path~

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, dear Joss. She is a big old beauty that has hung on my walls for over 20 years actually. *It’s a long process! Be well, my friend. xoxLinda

      1. Be well as well dear friend. I have two of your prints in my home and I smile each time I look up and see your art work.

        1. Joss, In case nobody has ever told you this but suspect they likely have~ You have a heart of pure gold.

          I feel blessed to have some of my work hanging in your blessed home. Thank you deeply.

            1. Haha! I notice I keep approving your comments and wondered what I did now! Is it different from before like having to sign in? Thanks sweets

              1. It’s in your settings. Scroll down left hand side to WP Admin, then click on communication. Somewhere in there you can choose to approve first time someone comments or every time. I can send you screen shots tomorrow if you need them.

                1. Thanks Joss. It’s late here but I did try and find it but seem not to have the settings lined up like you describe. I think I figured it out tho. Thank you dearest, i hope you don’t have to jump thru hoops again! Yes tomorrow after a fab MRI of my swollen knee. It’s time after a couple of years… 🙂

  1. it’s so great to see you back and with such lovely fresh and highly-original work! i am online rarely – an hour or two each week, but wanted to say hi, congrats and welcome back… in another week i’ll be online for two days and hope to catch up then!

    1. Hi Lisa! Glad you caught me. Yes it’s a big energy sucker to me tho I try to pop in once a week or so. Had some problems with my site that made that a lot loooongrr than planned! Thanks for your lovely comment. 😘

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