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Doe + Babe sonoma mountains, ca

Wine Country Wildfires – Two Years Later

Oct, 08, 2019
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Doe + Babe sonoma mountains, ca

It’s been many months since my last post.
I’ve been closing my site’s store after I realized that Google, in infinite wisdom, had placed  price tags on a lot of my art images! {?} I know. It makes no sense.

"Heart Mending" Acrylic Painting by L'Adelaide Scott-Country-Woman-Studio

Like the insanity of taking more than half the state off power for up to 5 days. I’ve had several calls to warn us, from PGE and the Department of Emergency Services, not that that helps!

800,000 customers
is a lot of people with no power at home or work or on the road at that 4-way stop sign.

It is an uneasy time in my part of the world. We await what has been described as,

“Diablo winds just like the winds that started the fire.

Nobody who lived through that horrific fire needs a reminder of how it felt.

One of our unpruned eucalyptus trees right next to power lines – PGE’s job.

golden eagle in eucalyptus, “Bird Tree”

The power company, Pacific Gas and Electric, that supplies electricity to California, is in bankruptcy. They have been sued for billions after the losses suffered in the Napa-Sonoma wildfires and last year’s California fires that killed many more. Ignition was caught on camera and it was clear that the “Paradise fire” had been caused by a broken PGE wire, that ignited bone-dry brush.
Many were lost or maimed within a few short, horrific hours.

Since then there’s been assorted types of silliness. We have had 9 outages in the past few weeks, one as long as 18 hours, the others approximately 12 hours.
That’s a lot of spoiled food amongst other things.
No water, no air purifiers for my asthma, no air conditioner, no cell or computer or landline.

PGE could not figure out what was causing our outages. (Not a comfy thought!)
They decided that the recurring outages were caused by TURKEYS!

turkey man
Turkey peeping Tom in the window

Turkeys are very smart and do fly. They fly low, usually to roost in oak trees.
They do not fly to the height of power lines! Sorry PGE lineman, you’re off on that guess ….

Today we are preparing for the possibility of the worst outage to date. A possible 5 day power outage because of possible “Diablo” winds.
No matter the fog’s coming in and it’s not hot. “Tomorrow” they say.
So why not turn my power off tomorrow?
Instead I’m informed it’s going off at midnight tonight.
I’d better get this posted!

Perhaps things will change by tomorrow morning?
Oh boy, I guess we could hope. I’m sure PGE management is hoping because they’ve created chaos with this one ~

“the largest PGE outage in history!”

gumby worried and frustrated over privacy
gumby is worried and frustrated!

Repost of My Wildfire Post, October 2017

Living in Sonoma County has had it’s ups and downs. We are doing OK given thousands of acres have, or are burning. We evacuated only one night mainly because I needed to sleep without my eyes open, awaiting fire coming over the hills.

photo sunset during fires from sfgate-October 14, ’17

It has been a nightmare for so many thousands. As for me personally, as far as I know[full list of those who lost their lives has not been released] only one whom I knew died in their home due to fire. I know that list will grow as my childhood home is a house away from an entire neighborhood of hundreds of homes, all lost to the fires. My mother and brother barely got out alive. It was at least two days before I heard from them due to downed cell towers.[note/advice: keep important phone numbers somewhere BESIDES phone!]

I have never faced anything so earth-shaking before but have developed a renewed appreciation and love for my home and sacred lands. The birds are returning, mama deer appeared last night tho her sons seem to have flown the scene, and there is an occasional glimpse of white clouds and blue skies.

I have not lost any loved ones; my dogs and one little rescue kitty are doing ok. I worry constantly about my Bella because she is big and outdoors. With my allergies, I cannot have her inside. She is fine, spent a few days at “Fit and Furry”, their best second home and returned as rowdy as she gets. Luckily we had groomed her prior to this disaster so if need be, she can come inside somewhere in this big house. Sophie is now 12 pounds over her sleekest beagle body. 🙂

She’s the best anteater on the planet but once the air finally clears, walkies are in order for her. Not that she won’t adore a walkie.

farm dogs-Bella + Sophie Bella + Sophie, first year

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