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Mary Oliver quote

Wordless Wednesday

· I don't have many words lately so I give you someone brilliant.... ·

Dec, 30, 2020
Mary Oliver quote


  1. Clanmother


    One of my favourite quotes – perfect for entering a new year 2021!

    • L'Adelaide


      Happy New Year, my dear, and we sure can use one, no? Hoping all’s well with you and yours. xx

  2. Leya


    Wishing us all a Better New Year! – hope you are well and your family too. ♥ You know, I look at your beautiful painting every day, rejoicing in its colours and life. This year has been a year of much sadness. Art helps. Stay well my dear.

    • L'Adelaide


      As one who paints to express my inner emotions, there is no greater joy than reading your words. Yes, it has been a year of great sadness. I ponder 6 family members, all sick, 4 of them being my grandkids, and see there is much to learn yet from this experience we’ve all endured. I see a slow coming out of it toward spring and how lovely it will be. Take good care of you.💙

      • Leya



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